2016 US Benchrest Hall of Fame Standings

Please see the current US Benchrest Hall of Fame standings in Excel format attached.

Here are some of the highlights from the two Nationals that were conducted during 2016.

At the NBRSA Nationals that were conducted at the Ben Avery Range near Phoenix, it was bsically the Larry Costa show.  Larry attained 8 points at that match bringing his total to 30.  Larry Boers won his first point by winning UNL 100 and Dave Coots brought his total to four by winning UNL 200 and the UNL Grand.

At the IBS Nationals held at Fairchance, PA, Bob Scarbrough, Jr. won five points bringing his total to 23.   Dave Bruno, Greg Walley  and Jeff Summers continued to chip away at their totals by winning a point each, bringing their totals to 5, 3 and 4 respectively.

Ad the latest inductee into the US Benchrest Hall of Fame is Jeff Gaidos, who won his last three necessary points by winning LV 200 and the LV Grand at Fairchance.  Congratulations Jeff!



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