Billy Stevens wins Rachel's Glen Spring 2012

Front (L-R): Steve Lee, Bob Davidson, Charlie Hood, Bart Sauter, Jim Andress, Danny Morgan, Glen Nelson, Ritchie Freibert
Rear (L-R): Scott Mims, Jeff Graves, Billy Stevens, Don Geraci

Rachel’s Glen spring match was blessed with great weather and mild temperatures. We had 26 shooters to attend in spite of gasoline prices and are most appreciative of them making the trip.

Billy Stevens won the Four Gun handily with an agg of .2623 and Jeff Graves was second with a .3032 barely beating out Danny Morgan who had an agg of .3045 in the Four Gun.

Things started out Saturday morning with Unlimited and Jeff Graves taking top honors with a .2194 agg and Billy Stevens was in second place with a .2223. Scott Mims was third with a .2707 agg. Shooters were complaining about mirage but I never noticed any mirage in the scoring shack. I think it was just an excuse they felt would be believed. Charlie Hood had small group with a .262. Y’know, come to think of it, when a .262 is small group in 5 shot Unlimited there might have been a tad of mirage out there so we’ll give them the benefit of doubt.

Saturday afternoon we shot HV and the smallest group was a .322 shot by Glen Nelson. Maybe there was mirage but Don Geraci barely edged out Billy Stevens for first place. Don shot a .2770 agg and Billy had a .2776 agg. Don took the win on the last group. Bob Davidson was in third with a .2820.

Sunday morning was overcast so that took the mirage out of the picture but the aggs didn’t improve all that much. Steve Lee won the LV contest with a .2524 agg, Jim Andress was second with a .2569 and Ritchie Freibert was third with a .2601 and Jim Andress had small group with a .288.

Sunday afternoon we finished up with SP with Danny Morgan winning it very handily with a .2291 and Billy Stevens was second with a .2542. Bart Sauter had small group with a .219 which was the smallest group shot the entire weekend. I don’t ever remember a shoot where there was not a single “one” shot the entire match. Upon reflection, I guess conditions were a little tough because we had a tough bunch of shooters and nobody really beat Rachel’s Glen.

The 200 yard part of the Southeastern Regionals will be held here in September. We look forward to hosting you fine shooters then. In the meantime, be careful out there.

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