Jeff Summers wins Shamrock XI, Jim Carmichael sets potential world record

Front (L-R): Jack Neary, Lee Hatchigian, Matthew Keller, Allen Arnette
Rear (L-R): Roger Avery, Jim Carmichael, Mark Harpenau, Jeff Stover, JD Denoff


By Matt Walker

The 11th annual Shamrock Shoot in Dublin Georgia had ninety shooters participate in the two day event. Saturday was the LV and HV at 100 yards and Sunday was the HV and LV at 200 yards. Jim Carmichel shot a world record 0.1328” aggregate in the LV 100 event.

Jeff Summers won with a grand aggregate of 0.2538”. Jeff was also the most consistent shooter over both days. He stayed under 0.2800 for all aggs with all other challengers having at least one agg above 0.3000”. His aggs were 0.2470 for HV100, 0.2751 for HV200, 0.2134 for LV100, and 0.2796 for LV200.

This was Dublin’s first time as a World Team qualifier. This year the shoot was held the week after St. Patrick’s Day since the Cactus was two weeks earlier. This gave travel and rest time for those wanting to shoot in both events. It was the first time shooting at the Shamrock Shoot for many competitors. Four relays were run with very little surprises.

One major surprise was Saturday afternoon when it was realized that Jim Carmichel had broken both the heavy and light varmint record in that morning’s LV100 shoot. This helped Jim place 3rd in the LV Grand.  The current world records are 0.1500” for LV100 held by Jeff Fowler since 1994 and 0.1399” for HV100 held by Rex Reneau since 1982. To certify the world record, the targets and moving backers are sent to the Measuring Committee according to section D14 (Procedure for Official Recognition of a World Record) of the rules.

Shooting and writing legend Jim Carmichel was the Shooting Editor for Outdoor Life magazine from 1971 to 2009. It is fitting that the man who wrote the BOOK OF THE RIFLE should set a world record with one. Jim also served on the NRA Board of Directors for 12 years and has authored five books. He started shooting Benchrest in the 70s. The barrel was only three days old. It was tested on Monday before the shoot. It was mated on a 10 year old rifle with a Terry Leonard stock and chambered by Dwight Scott.

I asked Jim “Why do you like Benchrest shooting?” His humorous answer was “It’s something an old guy can do.” Followed by his more seriously answer of “I like the technology.” He attends about three shoots a year. His motor home has a reloading area as the centerpiece of the interior.

Jack Neary gave a talk Friday after the bench draw with about 24 people in attendance. At the end of the talk each person received a free pound of N133 powder. The topics covered included brass prep for the Lapua 220 Russian, Tuning with VihtaVuori N133 powder, Match strategy as well as understanding and using mirage. Jack proved he knows what he is talking about by winning HV200 on Sunday morning.

Saturday’s weather was uncommonly calm for March in Dublin. Occasional sprinkles in the morning helped clean the dust and pollen from the air. This was a welcome relief for everyone. Matthew Keller sang the National Anthem at the Opening Ceremonies. Matthew also placed first in HV100. Roger Avery placed 3rd in HV100 with the help of his lucky leprechaun hat. PICTURE Sunday’s weather was clear with the high winds expected at Dublin. The small groups were Ralph Milton .083” for LV100, Harley Baker .042” for HV100, JD Denoff .230” for HV200 and Jeff Stover .240” for LV200.

Twin Oaks Range in Dublin Georgia has 42 camping spots with water and electricity hookups. Bathrooms with showers are attached to the building with a full service kitchen and dining room. Breakfast and Lunch was served on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets were sold for the Saturday night steak dinner. The shooting facilities include a covered 30 bench 300 yard range, pistol bays, and multiple shotgun fields. You can visit the website at or



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