Billy Stevens wins Shamrock IX Two Gun

Left to right, Jeff Graves - Two Gun 4th place, Harley Baker - Two gun 2nd place, Billy Stevens - Two Gun winner, Mark Trexler - MGGOA President

 Two-Gun Champion is Billy Stevens

Middle Georgia Gun Owners Association hosted the Shamrock IX Benchrest match March 20th and 21st at the Twin Oaks range in Dublin GA. Seventy-three shooter participated in our match. Saturday’s weather was perfect. We began the match with clear, sunny skies at 42 degrees and ended at 75 degrees. Sunday was damp, light winds, cool at 55 to 63 degrees with rain showers throughout the day. The match went very smooth and everyone seemed to enjoy the Southern hospitality. We received many compliments on how our match has improved over the past few years. We were very organized and our target system and target crew were flawless.

Left to right, Harley Baker - LV Grand winner, Mark Trexler - MGGOA President, Billy Stevens - LV Grand 2nd Place

The match was a Light Varmint-Heavy Varmint event. The 100 yard Light Varmint was held Saturday morning. Bill Forrester, Sr. won with a score of .1884 and the small group was fired by Bill Forrester, Sr. with a group of .069. The Heavy Varmint 100 yard was held Saturday afternoon with Larry Scharnhorst taking the honors with a score of .2122. Small group winner was Harley Baker firing a .095.

Lef to right, Larry Scharnhorst - HV100 and HV Grand Winner, Mark Trexler - MGGOA President, Billy Steven - HV Grand 2nd Place

Sunday morning the 200 yard Heavy Varmint was won by David Reynolds with a score of .1949. Small group was claimed by Larry Scharnhorst with a group of .188. On Sunday afternoon we held the final matches of our event, the 200 Light Varmint. The winner was Wayne Campbell with a score of .2323. The small group was fired by Dana English with a group of .239.

The Light Varmint Grand Aggregate winner was Harley Baker with a score of .2228. The Heavy Varmint Grand Aggregate winner was Larry Scharnhorst with a score of .2157.

The Two Gun Grand Aggregate winner and the 2010 Shamrock IX Match Champion was Billy Stevens with a score of .2338. 2nd place went to Harley Baker with a score of .2378. 3rd place to Jeff Summers with a score of .2590. Congratulations to Billy and all the winners!

We appreciate all the shooters that attended. I appreciate all of the volunteers from MGGOA that helped make our match a success. I hope that this year’s competitors had a great time. Please tell your friends that we can host 120 shooters and would like to be “full” next year. We look forward to seeing everyone back at next year’s Shamrock X.

Mark A. Trexler
President MGGOA

P.S. Thank you to Matthew Keller for singing the National Anthem.

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