Billy Stevens wins Rachel's Glen Spring 2010

Left to right back row, Steve Lee and Ralph, Jeff Graves, Scott Mims, Dale Rose, Glenn Nelson
Left to right front row, David Reynolds and Max, Billy Stevens, Bart Sauter

Nobody could complain about bad weather at our spring match at Rachel’s Glen.  There was, however, some mutterings heard about the mirage.  Whine, whine, whine!  Obviously some of the shooters have forgotten the Saturday when we had several inches of rain.  Anyway, we had a great match and it seemed that everybody had a great time.

As usual, we began with our Unlimited contest on Saturday morning which was won by Jeff Graves with a .1787 agg.  The closest one to Jeff was his close friend, David Reynolds, with a .2061.   David also had small group with a beautiful .140 and even though it was at 200 yards it was still just a 5 shot group.  There is not a shooter alive who would not be thrilled to shoot a .140 at 200 yards, though.

 We shot the Heavy Varmint contest that afternoon and David kept up his winning ways by taking the top spot with a 1764 agg.  Bart Sauter was his closest competitor with a .2213 agg.  David also took small group honors in this contest with a .213 and it seemed that David was on a fast track to take it all but Billy Stevens had other plans.

On Sunday morning Billy came out with his hair (what little he has left) on fire walking away with Light Varmint class with a .1918 agg followed in the distance by second place winner, Glen Nelson, with a .2562.   Glen also had small group with a beautiful .159 in the first match.  In fact, Glen had a fantastic agg after the second group of ..353 but had a couple of .7xx groups after that which kept him in second place.  He was looking good for the first two matches, though.


We moved into Sporter class without a lunch break and Billy never broke stride.  Conditions worsened somewhat and made the groups larger but Billy kept the distance between him and the rest of the field.  His close friend and shooting partner, Bart Sauter, could only manage a .2860 to Billy’s .2450 that gave Billy first place and Bart took second place.   Billy had small group with a .250


When the dust settled Billy had prevailed in the Four Gun with a .2283 and David was close on his heels with a .2375 and Bart was third with a .2578.


Our attendance seems to be holding steady at about 30 shooters in spite of the economy.  We truly appreciate the effort that all made in order to be with us.  We had a new shooter (to us, anyway) from Florida when Joe Scaglione and Jerry Lashower made their first trip to The Glen.  We hope they can be with us in October for our fall match.  An old friend and shooter, Dale Rose, showed up and was his usual good company.  We’ve not seen Dale in several years and it was great being with him again.


As usual, our target crew of Ted and Deborah Ferrell were magnificent.  We run our matches with four people and without Brady, Ted and Deborah there would be no benchrest matches at Rachel’s Glen.  They are the heart and soul of the matches and we are grateful to them for their efforts.


Our plans are to do it all over again on October 16-17 so please make your plans to be here.  Lord willing, we’ll have a great time with old friends once again.


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