Steve Lee Wins 2011 David Reynolds Memorial

Back Row L to R) Dale Rose, Steve Lee, Dwight St. Romain, Allen Arnette, Smiley Hensley, Jerry Dailey, David Hudson
Front Row (L to R) Jeff Graves, Billy Stevens

The fall match at Rachel's Glen has been designated the David Reynolds Memorial beginning with this match.  We are honoring a good friend to us and to benchrest.  His wife, Donna, was on hand to give out the trophies and his good friend, Scott Watson, made the announcements.  It was a time for rememberance and reflection on David's life and friendship with us all.  He is sorely missed.

As usual we started out with Unlimited which was won by Smiley Hensley on his first visit to Rachel's Glen.  Close on his heels was Steve Lee in search of his last two points that he need to join the SER Hall of Fame.   Small group was fired by Terry Leonard who finished in 9th place even after a 2.021 group fired in match 3.  Conditions were, as they say, a bit challenging.

Saturday afternoon we went to Heavy Varmint with Allen Arnette edging out Terry Leonard by .0006 with a .2384 agg.  Billy Stevens had the small group with a .247 in the first match.

Sunday morning began with overcast skies which was really welcomed because Saturday was bright, sunny, windy and HOT.  Dwight St. Romain finished by taking first place in Light Varmint with a .2540 agg followed closely by Steve Lee with a .2571 agg.  Dale Rose shot the small group of .286 to take the trophy.

After a brief lunch we finished with Sporter and Allen Arnette proved unbeatable for the second time winning pretty handily with a .2233 agg followed by David Hudson with a .2524 agg.  Jerry Dailey took small group trophy with a .236 group.

We had good weather for the entire weekend and a good crowd.  This was the 200 yard leg of the SE Regionals.  Smiley Hensley, Steve Lee and Matthew Keller won the needed points to enter the SER Hall of Fame and are to be congratulated for their achievement.  Good shooting, guys.

We are most grateful for everybody that made the effort to come shoot with us.  We know that it's not always easy to make a shoot and circumstances prevent some from coming down but we are always glad to see old friends and you're always welcome at Rachel's Glen.

Mickey Coleman


2011 Southeast Regional Championship

Back Row L to R) Norman Jones, Matthew Keller, Doug McRae, Steve Lee, Smiley Hensley
Front Row (L to R) Dwight St. Romain, Wayne Campbell

The David Reynold's Memorial was also the 200 yard stage of the 2011 Southeast Region Championship. Not every shooter from the 100 yard stage attended, but here is a picture of those who did attend.

Wayne Campbell won the Art Kelley 4 gun Iron Man trophy as well as the Ed Watson Unlimited trophy. He also won the Sporter Grand. Dwight St. Romain won the Jeff Fowler Heavy Varmint trophy. Matthew Keller won the Light Varmint Grand.

Between the 100 and 200 yard stages, four shooters won points that pushed them into the Southeast Region Hall of Fame. Those shooters are Wayne Campbell, Smiley Hensley, Matthew Keller and yours truly Steve Lee.

Steve Lee

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