Terry Leonard wins Shamrock X!

Front Row (left to right) Steve Lee, Terry Leonard

Back Row (left to right) Kip Jones, Bill Symons, Tony Alexander, Larry Costa, William Duffey, Matthew Keller, Scotty Grimes

Seventy seven shooters enjoyed the hospitality at Shamrock Shoot X hosted by the Middle Georgia Gun Owner’s Association in Dublin, Georgia. The weather at Twin Oaks Range was calm and overcast. We were without the usual rain and hurricane force winds that challenged us in past years.

The matches ran smoothly. With three relays, shooting started at 8am and ended at about 4:30 each day. An experienced target crew can make all the difference. I did not see anyone leave early on Sunday.

I saw a lot of new faces and younger shooters this year. This is very encouraging for the future of the sport. The big excitement was on Sunday Morning. A shooter could not find his bolt. It was located 30 seconds before he needed to start shooting.

Twin Oaks Range can support 120 shooters in four relays. It has covered reloading shelter and 38 camping spots. So we hope to see you next year. The newest edition to the range was an air conditioning system in the dining hall. We had to call the repairman Saturday morning. After giving him some ear plugs he had it working again in about an hour.

– Matt Walker

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