TRRC Benchrest - SP/HV Manley Oakley Trophy May 2nd-3rd 2015

Manley Oakley Memorial Match Report

Hello Everyone.


On May 2nd and 3rd, 2015, Tacoma Rifle and Revolver Club held their 2nd match of the year.

This contest would determine the winner of the Manley Oakley trophy. 

Saturday brought us a chilly morning with some tricky wind conditions.

We began with our Sporter class at 100 yards on Saturday morning which was won by Dan Kjelland with a .2378" agg. 

That afternoon at 200 it warmed up quickly, Steve Kostanich showed us all how how to buck the wind and mirage, taking the 200 yd agg. (.2787"). 

Steve Kostanich easily won the LV grand aggregate (.2776").


Sunday brought more windy, but much warmer conditions for us. Windy, switchy conditions with lots of mirage was playing a role in group sizes.

We shot the Heavy Varmint class at 200 yards in the morning. Larry Boers shot a .2189agg. to win the yardage. At 100 yards in the afternoon, Mustafa Bilal took the yardage with a tiny .1896" teen agg.

Larry Boers held on to win the HV grand aggregate with a .2332" agg, and Larry Boers holds on to win the 2 gun with a .2658" agg!! 

Congratulations Larry!


A great time was had by all.   Great to see such a great turnout so early in the season!!


Of special note


Saturday afternoon the conditions were possibly the worst I`ve seen in Tacoma. We had 14 groups that measured over 1" at 200 yds


Nice to have shooting with us George MacDonald, and Larry Muller who traveled from Oregon to come shoot with us.  


Special thanks to Karen Lynn and Zach Silverton for doing a fine job running our Range and target crew.


Coffee cup small group awards go to

Jeff Lewis Sporter 100 .124"

Larry Boers Sporter 200 .394"

Mustafa Bilal HV100 .138"

John Parrish HV200 .287"

Pdf with match results and group photo attached .


Thank you,

See you next month for Heavy Varmint (Sat) and bring out the rail guns for 5 shot Unlimited on Sunday!

Jeff Lewis

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