Wayne Campbell wins Rachel's Glen Spring 2011!

Back Row (left to right) Ray Porter, Don Geraci, Gary Morgan, Jerry Dailey, Doug Mcrae, Billy Stevens, Bart Sauter, Scotty Grimes
Front Row (left to right) Steve Lee, Wayne Campbell

Well, the spring benchrest match at Rachel's Glen has come and gone, the dust has settled and the Champeen, Wayne Campbell has returned to Virginia.....at least that's where he said he was going.  The way he started out with Unlimited I thought we could have just shipped the trophies to him and saved him a lot of fuel.  Mark Roper, a referee, came to me after two matches and said that Wayne was on track to set a world's record in Unlimited and did I think we should pull his targets off the wall in anticipation of a record.   Wayne's next target was a .4xx so I told Mark that he could put the targets back on the wall but Wayne still finished with an outstanding .1441 agg.  The rest of the shooters were fighting for second place but Jerry Dailey took that spot.  Wayne's first group of .220 was also the small group.

Saturday afternoon we shot HV just like we always do and Don Geraci won that by a larger margin than Wayne won the Unlimited.  Deborah, AKA Wonder Woman because of the job she does with the target crew asked me if Geraci was feeling poorly.  I asked her why she thought that and she replied that he was so quiet unlike his usual chatter and banter.  I smiled and said that it was because he smelled blood in the water and he was closing in for the kill.  The closest anybody could come to him was the.2121 agg of Scotty Grimes but Don closed the match out with a .1546 agg.  It was good to see him back in his winning form.  Scotty took small group with a .199.

Sunday started out with LV and Ray Porter took the honors with a .1923 agg closely followed by Wayne Campbell's .2033 but the closest one to Wayne in third place was Bart Sauter at a distant .2705 agg.  Ray Porter also took small group with a .211.  Sunday afternoon was the Sporter contest with Steve Lee winning with a .2273 agg followed by Doug McRae in third place with a.2434 and Kenny Housh had small group with a .270.

We had several new shooters, among them were Tai Nguyen, Jeff Zundel who was shooting in his first ever benchrest match and Ralph Junius.  We hope they will be back with us in October for the 200 yard portion of the Southeastern Regionals. 

We were blessed with great weather.  We had a small rain a couple of days before the match to keep the dust down.  It did get a mite warm on Saturday when the temps climbed almost to 90 degrees but Sunday was more tolerable.  All in all it was just about perfect.  I don't think Brady sang a single song.

The one dark cloud over the entire weekend was that our good friend, David Reynolds, was in the hospital in Birmingham fighting cancer for all he's worth.  He was on all our minds I'm sure.  David is well known and well respected throughout our region and we missed his good company and competitive spirit at the match.  Our prayers are lifted up on his behalf.


--Mickey Coleman


Editors comment...Mickey must be getting hard of hearing because Brady did indeed sing, much to the pain and sorrow of the shooters!

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