2020 NBRSA Eastern Region Annual Meeting – Deer Ridge Golf Club – Bellville, OH

Pat Metcalf, Eastern Region Director, call the annual Eastern Region Meeting to order at 11:02AM

  • 13 Eastern Region members were in attendance of our 2020 NBRSA annual Eastern Region meeting
  • Pat Metcalf distributed copies of the Meeting Minutes from the 2019 ER annual meeting minutes to all attendees for review
  • Pat called for a motion to accept the 2019 ER annual meeting minutes as written. – John Petteruti Made a motion to accept – Dominic Grunas seconded the motion – All attendees voted to approve
  • Pat Metcalf reviewed the 2020 Treasurers Report as prepared by Lee Hachigian, Eastern Region Secretary/Treasurer
  • Pat presented the total 2020 income for the Eastern Region of $877.62 dollars for 2020
  • Pat made note of all but (2) of our 2020 NBRSA ER Group matches were cancelled, due to COVID-19 club mandates, etc. and the subsequent loss of revenue to the ER to support the costs of Shooter of the Year award plaques and meetings
  • Pat made note of outstanding Eastern Region monies due (approx. $107 dollars) to the ER from an Eastern Region club hosting a 2020 match.  Pat made assurances this was most likely an payment oversight and would be resolved quickly  
  • Pat reviewed the Eastern Region’s 2020 Expenses totaling $616.57
  • $216.05 was the Eastern Region’s Net Income (after expenses for 2020)
  • Pat noted the Eastern Region has a current balance of $2,628.47 in the Eastern Region checking accounts as of 10/1/2020
  • Pat asked for a motion to accept the Eastern Region 2020 Treasurers Report as submitted – Gary Conaway Made a motion to approve – Don Rosetti seconded the motion – All attendees voted to approve
  • Pat Metcalf asked the membership attendees if there were any “Old Business” items for review, as per the 2019 meeting minutes hand-out – There were no Old Business items brought forward for further review
  • Pat Metcalf asked the membership attendees for any “New Business” agenda items –
  • Larry Feusse addressed the meeting attendees stating his desire to run for the role as President for the Holton Gun Club, in Holton, MI.  Larry also shared he and his wife Sharon would be overseeing Holton’s recent NBRSA BOD approval to host the 2021 NBRSA Group Nationals on Sept. 20th thru Sept. 25th match dates
  • Larry also discussed his interest in having Holton host an Benchrest school possibly late next April of in early July.  Larry will need to work with the Holton Trustees for their support and to identify and confirm a possible date for the Benchrest school
  • At 12:30PM Pat temporarily adjourned our annual ER meeting for a lunch break
  • At 1:10PM Pat called for the annual ER meeting to resume
  • Pat Metcalf presented key take-a-ways from the NBRSA Board of Director’s meeting held during the recent 2019 Group Nationals at the BRRC of St. Louis range.
  • Jack Neary, new incoming NBRSA President provided additional details from the recently published meeting minutes from the annual NBRSA BOD meeting
  • Jack Neary also outlined his plans for promoting the NBRSA and the sport of Benchrest with the goal of increasing NBRSA membership
  • Contact Jim Scoutten, from the Outdoor Channel’s “Shooting USA” cable TV show requesting a segment to present NBRSA Benchrest shooting and BR rifle accuracy
  • Contact key personnel within the NRA necessary to gain possible article coverage about the NBRSA and BR shooting in the NRA monthly “American Rifleman” membership magazine
  • Create and launch a new “”Regional Mentorship” program across all 8 NBRSA regions to assist potential new BR shooters or current NBRSA members whom are sekking to gain new BR skills
  • Pat Metcalf presented an overview of the 2021 Eastern Region Group match schedule, whereby he provided a calendar to all meeting attendees, where Pat asked each attendee to pencil-in the respective 2021 match dates Pat has received from all (5) of the Eastern Region Match Directors.  Pat presented his tentative plan for the ER to host (10) Group matches for the 2021 shooting season.  Pat committed to e-mail the ER membership with the final Group match schedule once it is finalized by all Match Director’s
  • Pat Metcalf shared his plan to resume the long-standing Eastern Region Shooter of the Year program next year, predicated on a fair number of Group matches that can be run next year, should there not be any mass match cancellations due to the COVID virus.  All meeting attendees mutually agreed (5) matches would be the minimum number of 2021 Group matches needed for Pat Metcalf to maintain the Shooter of the Year program for 2021.
  • John Petteruti made a motion to adjourn and Voc Potts seconded the Motion – all attendees approved adjournment of this year’s NBRSA annual Eastern Region meeting.
  • Our 2020 NBRSA annual Eastern Region meeting was adjourned at 2:45PM

Respectfully submitted by:

Jack Neary

NBRSA, President  



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