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These items will be discussed at the annual Board of Directors meeting to be held on Saturday, October 8, 2022.

The general membership meeting of the NBRSA will be held during the Group Nationals on Wednesday, October 12, 2022 immediately following the completion of competition for the day.  It will be held at the Bench Rest Club of St. Louis, 2280 Kohn Road, Wright City, MO 63390.  Please plan on attending.

Eastern Region Agenda items:  None

Gulf Coast Region Agenda items:

Since the inception of Varmint for Score in the NBRSA, the scoring system has always been based on the best edge scoring system with the ½” “bullseye” as the highest score, (10) and the center dot representing  an “X”, only to be used as a tiebreaker. We feel that this scoring system is not a representation of not only the rifles’ capability, but also the shooters’ capability in his effort to keep his shots as close to the center of the “bullseye” as possible.

We are proposing that in NBRSA Varmint for Score the scoring system should be changed to include the center dot in the scoring system by making it an “eleven”. This would change the concept of a perfect score to a “275”, with 25 wipeouts. The wipeouts would become the tiebreaker.

We feel that this scoring system would be more in line with the NBRSA mandate of achieving extreme accuracy and precision, and more reflective of the actual best achievement by each shooter in the aggregate.

This is the agenda item:

1)  In NBRSA Varmint for score, to make the center dot score 11 points. This will make a new maximum score of 275 with 25 wipeouts. All other scoring criteria will remain the same. Submitted by Jackie Schmidt.

 Mid-Continent Region Agenda items:


Mississippi Valley Region Agenda items:


North Central Agenda items:


 Northwest Region Agenda Items: 

  2022 600/1000 Yard Rule Changes:

  1. Allow the light gun to use bipods. Submitted by Bill Johnston
  2. Increase light gun from 17# to 22 1/2#. Submitted by Bill Johnston
  3. Give the Match Director the option to shoot Heave Gun first then light gun. Submitted byBill Johnston
  4. Wind flag must be set up 30 minutes prior to the start of the match (on the day morning of the match). Submitted by Bill Johnston
  5. Weigh light guns as they come off the line after the first relay of the first day. Submitted by Bill Johnston

Southeast Region Agenda Items: None

Southwest Region Agenda Items:

1)  rule_book_nbrsa_short_range.pages

3.6. Backers (Moving): A moving backer strip or card will be required for 100 yard, 200 yard, and 300 yard matches in all registered shoots. When the backer strip or card fails to operate at any range during a match, only the number of shot holes that can be clearly distinguished on the target will be counted to determine the number of shots on the target. It is the Match Director’s responsibility to ensure moving backers function properly to capture all shots regardless of weather conditions.

Would like to amend the rule for the use of an electronic or acoustical  backer system for the purpose of verification of record shots on targets. This amendment will be on a trial basis with results provided  to NBRSA  BoD for determination of feasibility as a permanent option

E backers track the number of shots electronically and acoustically, and  are transmitted to the scorers computer

Shots are tracked and counted for each target       Submitted by: Dan Lutke

President’s Items:

I would like to propose the change of a minimum of 35 minutes between Group matches (versus the 30 minutes)
This agenda item submission is based upon most of our members evolving to weighing their respective powder charges, which requires more reloading time between matches, plus the given trend of regional matches having only 2 relays, based upon current match attendance rates.  Submitted by Jack Neary

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