April 2021 – Member of the Month

Member of the Month – Charles Greer

Congratulations on being chosen as our NBRSA member of the month!

 Between 2007 and 2011 I competed intensely in Tucson’s monthly matches and for several years at the NBRSA Long Range Nationals. After the 2011 NBRSA Long Range Nationals I felt rather burnt out on shooting. I sold all my guns and equipment  and headed South looking for perhaps one more adventure. I found some but they did not include shooting as South of the border folks tend to shoot back when they hear anything go bang 🙂

Problems with my knees and back convinced me in 2019 that I need some structural repairs and I decided that the VA in Tucson was my best bet for getting mobile again. During the last year I’ve had both knees joints replaced and two major back surgeries that have completely eliminated the constant pain that I was experiencing and I’m fully functional again. The VA has been a great resource for me and their treatment has allowed me to become actively involved in shooting again.

When did you start Benchrest shooting?

I got started  shooting LR matches at Tucson Rifle Club at Three Points in 2007. I shot the Sahuaro 1K match there almost every month through October of 2011. I started with a Savage varmint rifle and gradually upgraded my equipment as I got more interested.

  What is your favorite Benchrest shooting discipline?  Long Range?    Score?   Group?

I’ve only competed in Long Range, mostly 1K but 600 yds a few times at the Nationals. I would like to try shooting “Score” and there is a monthly match at our range.  May try it if I can get an appropriate rifle.

What is your home range or Rifle Club?

I shoot primarily at Tucson Rifle Club at Three Point, AZ and am a member there.

Favorite match or matches you annually attend?

Annually, I’d like to resume shooting the NBRSA Long Range Naitonals.  Won’t be ready this year but probably will in 2022.

What makes these matches so special?

The opportunity to compete against and interact with shooters from all over the country and to test mysel against these top level competitors.

Which friends do you like go to matches with?

During the last year my son, Brian, has become my match shooting companion. We go out together every month.  Brian was able recently to purchase the great 300 Ackley HG that I competed with and set world records with in 2010.  I sold the rifle to a friend who never shot it and it found it’s way back into our family. He’s becoming a serious competitor.

What rifle components do you use (Scope, Stock, Action, Barrel, Trigger)?

Currently I’m using two Borden BRMXD actioned rifles in Wheeler/McMillan LRB stocks with Jewell triggers.  These both carry Krieger 4 groove, 10 twist HV barrels chambered in 300WSM.  I’m using Vortex Golden Eagle 15-60 scopes on both and the rifles are essentially clones except for weight.  The HG weighs 27lbs vs the LG weight of 17lbs.

What’s your highest shooting accomplishment thus far?

(Small group, Aggregate or Grand win, 2-Gun, etc, win)

Well, the highest accomplishment (if one can call it that) would have to be the NBRSA world record breaking 10 shot HG target I shot at the Sahuaro match on February 13th of this year.  A group of 2 11/16″ along with a score of 100-10X may end up being the best 10 shot target ever shot in a sanctioned match.  Can’t say I’m proud of this result as, of course, there is a tremedous amount of luck involved in this coming together but…I certainly am pleased 🙂

I had set four NBRSA world records when I was shooting previously…LG Agg in 2008, and all three possible Highest Three Target Score records in 2010, two of which still stand.  The first was probably the most satisfying as was my performance in the 2010 Nationals where I placed high in several categories and was Heavy Gun Champion for Score. 

The Shooting Gods have certainly smiled on me from time to time during my brief shooting career and for that I am very grateful. 

Greatest benchrest memory to date?

They just keep coming.  The latest was the feeling of shock and awe when I was shown that 10 shot record target.  During 1K BR strings, of course, shots are not marked and a shooter has no idea of the scores until he returns to the pits after his relay. I was speechless.

Funniest Benchrest memory to date?

At the 2010 1K Nationals the extractor broke on my HG when I shot the last sighter before a record string of 10 rounds. Unable to extract the fired cases during the record string with the bolt I had to get up after each shot, run around to the front of the gun, jam a cleaning rod down the barrel to push out the fired case and then sit bact dow to shoot the next round.  Now I didn’t find this so amusing at the time but spectators certainly seemed to get a laugh or two from my gyrations and distress.  I had the last laugh, though, as that group turned out to be the best I shot that day.

What are your current/future shooting goals?

To keep on shooting our local match each month and to try to get to the Nationals once or twice more before I get too damn feeble.  And to be able to see my son take my place as a regular winner when I can no longer compete. 

Any advice you would share with new shooters?

Make a committment to excel at whichever discipline you choose. Get the best equipment and components that you can afford and consider each match a learning experience. At some point anything that can go wrong will go wrong and one must learn from these mistakes.

Most importantly, be patient and keep coming back.  In Arizona good shooting conditions are rare. You gotta be in it to win it and if you show up at every match you can attend eventually a great condition will appear on your relay and you’ll have a chance to mark a spectacular score. 



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