August 2021 – Member of the Month

Steve Theye – Aug 2021 Member of the Month

Congratulations on being chosen as our NBRSA member of the month!

How many years have you been shooting Benchrest?

Best guess would be about 1984, not long after I started working at Sinclair International when they were still here in Fort Wayne

What is your favorite Benchrest shooting discipline?  Long Range?    Score?   Group?

I shoot Short Range Group only. Unfortunately, there are no Score matches held close to Fort Wayne.

What is your home range? 

I would have to say Holton, Michigan. Four hours away, but we used to shoot there five weekends a year.

Favorite matches you attend?

Super Shoot, all the Nationals, the East-West

What makes this match(es) so special?

I like the bigger matches because you get to see friends from all over the country and shoot against the best shooters in the world. The Super Shoot is really great because I have made lifelong friends from many countries around the world.

Which friends do you like go to matches with?

I usually travel with Ted Heindselman and Vic Potts since both are fairly close to Fort Wayne. I have travelled and roomed with many shooters down through the years and they have all been great experiences. I even roomed with Kip Jones from Michigan at the East West this year and we had a great time.

What rifle components do you use (Stock, Action, Barrel, Trigger)?

Bat DS actions, Scarbrough stocks, Leupold scopes, Krieger, Bartlein or Hart barrels

What’s your highest accomplishment thus far (Small group, Aggregate or Grand win, 2-Gun, etc, win)?

Winning the Heavy Varmint Grand at the Super Shoot (long time ago), and setting a world record in Sporter at the IBS Nationals – also a long time ago. Eastern Region Shooter of the Year a couple of times some years ago.

Greatest benchrest memory to date?

Coming within one group of winning the Super Shoot.

Funniest Benchrest memory to date?

Bill Brawand telling raunchy escapades in the loading barn at Holton many years ago. Jack Neary running around the range in his boxer shorts at Saint Louis after he won a great trophy and was drinking from the trophy cup.

What are your future shooting goals?

I’m getting older real quickly, but I just try to stay somewhat competitive, keep up with what’s working for the winning shooters and have fun.



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