December 2021 Member of the Month

December Member of the Month – Lowell Frei

Congratulations to our December Member of the Month – Lowell Frei. Here are the answers to questions concerning his years of competition in the NBRSA.

Closest Range is Phoenix (400 Miles)

How many years have you been shooting Benchrest?

I shot my first match in phoenix in 1978. Got serious in 1980 and have been going strong since.

What is your favorite Benchrest shooting discipline?

I love anything rifle but have always been a group shooter first.

Favorite match or matches you annually attend?

Nationals is always my favorite match. Always make the Cactus, spring and fall in Raton and anywhere else that this old body can get up for.

What makes these matches so special?

I have always liked to compete. That being said the friends I have made all over the world are really the most important .

Which friends do you like go to matches with?

I traveled with Walt Berger for seven or eight years. Then he married Eunice and seemed to prefer going with her. Go fig- ure. Other friends were Paul Landell, Dave Blazzard and numerous others .

Any advice you would share with new shooters?

I want to quote Andy Shifflet giving a new shooter advice at Holton this year. Practice a lot. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t give up and remember you can come in last in this yardage and still win the next one .

What’s your highest shooting accomplishment thus far?

First person to win both three and four gun at Kelblys in 1986 and of course membership in the hall of fame. My future goal is to win at least one more national championship .

Greatest benchrest memory to date?

Being inducted in the benchrest HOF by my friend Walt Berger.

What rifle components do you use?

These days I am using a bat DS and a Bat D on Kelbly stocks Jewell triggers and either Bartlain or Krieger barrels . I do my own stock work and barrel fitting.



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