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Congratulations to the following directors on your re-election to the Board of Directors in the Gulf Coast, Mid-Continent, & Northwest Regions. We welcome Dave Brooks as the new Director of the North Central Region. Congratulations to Dickie Pustejovsky for your re-election as Alternate Director of the Gulf Coast Region. We welcome Sam Langhofer as the new Alternate Director for the Mid-Continent Region, Chris Harris as the new Alternate Director for the North Central Region and Tom Peyton as the new Alternate Director for the Northwest Region. Your term will begin on the first Monday following the conclusion of the Group Nationals, which is the week of October 7-12, 2019 in Phoenix, AZ.

Regrets go to Mr. Paul Holland who was defeated by the current Regional Director in the Northwest Region and to Mr. Dean Ekstrom who was defeated in the North Central Region.

Gulf Coast Region Director – Mike Bryant
Gulf Coast Region Alternate Director – Dickie Pustejovsky
Mid-Continent Region Director – Don Creach
Mid Continent Region Alternate Director – Sam Langhofer
North Central Region Director – Dave Brooks
North Central Region Alternate Director – Chris Harris
Northwest Region Director – Dan Zaccanti
Northwest Region Alternate Director – Tom Peyton

A heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to all those who participated in the election and congratulations to those elected to serve in this capacity.

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