February 2022 Match Director of the Month and Range of the Month

Match Director of the Month – Jeff Lewis

Congratulations to our Match Director of the month – Jeff Lewis, and to his range – Tacoma Rifle and Revolver Club

What Range(s) do you host as a Match Director?

Tacoma Rifle and Revolver Club

How many years have you been a NBRSA Match Director?
About 10 years

Which Benchrest shooting discipline matches do you host at your range?
We shoot short range group benchrest matches.

Favorite NBRSA registered match you host each year?
We host the Sniper King match every year over the 4th of July weekend. It is unlimited five shot and ten shot matches over the

course of three days. It’s always a fun shoot, and I look forward to the bbq. It a great chance to be social and get to know out of town guests.

What makes this match so special?

It’s incredible to know how many great shooters have shot this match over the years. The Sniper King trophy has been awarded continuously since 1944. It’s quite humbling.

Do you personally shoot any Benchrest matches?
If so, which matches? I try to shoot all
the matches we host at our club. I love
to be able to shoot the matches. It absolutely could not happen without the support of a great staff. We always have an incredible group of people that work behind the scenes to make that happen. Craig Kesler (famous for his railgun design and building) has been our statistician for the last 10 years.

What rifle components do you use
(Scope, Stock, Action, Barrel, Trigger)?
I have a very special rifle that was owned by the late Del Bishop. It is a light varmint built on a Moon Hill carbon fiber stock (Steve Kostanich), Bat MB action, BixnAndy trigger, 13.5tw Bartlien barrel, and a March 10-60 scope.

Greatest benchrest match memory to date.
At the 2013 Washington State Championship, I invited a friend
(Chris Evanov) to come shoot the match. I loaned him the Del Bishop rifle and preloaded his ammo. His experience was limited to a few long range benchrest matches, but he was a great shot. That weekend belonged to Chris! He won
the Agg, beat me with my own gun, and thankfully continued shooting long range benchrest.

Funniest Benchrest match memory to date?
I think at the Sniper King match a few
years ago. Gary Ocock and Joe Stanovich got to describing the cheap hotel they were staying in. They didn’t know about some of the shady parts of town apparently. These two are a couple of comedians when they get going. They had us all rolling. My gut hurt from laughing so hard!

How can the NBRSA assist you in making your matches more successful?
I love the mentorship program. I think helping to bring new shooters to the game is a huge boost at making the matches more successful. I would love to see someone help us find sponsors for our Washington State Championship. We have been blessed by the generosity of many vendors in the benchrest community, but having the contacts
and the knowledge would be helpful. Prizes generate more people attending the event.



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