Official Recognition Procedure

1. ALL backers and targets must be signed by TWO MATCH OFFICIALS including REFEREES and the RANGE OFFICER.

2. Backers, Targets and a copy of the Registration Card must be sent to the Regional Director by the Host Club. The targets must not leave the Club grounds except in the possession of a Match Official; someone who did not shoot the record.

3. The Regional Director measures the targets, checks the backers and if the measurement is close(within .009), sends the targets, backers, registration card and NBRSA Group Shooting World Record Submission Form, properly completed, to the Chairman of the Measuring Committee. If there is a problem with a backer or backers, he sends them with the targets.

4. The Chairman checks the targets, counts the holes in the backer, makes sure all targets and backers are signed by two Match Officials, checks the information on the card. If everything is acceptable, he covers up the range scores, measures the targets records the scores, assigns a number to each target and then sends the target or targets, with the proper forms to the first Member of the Measuring Committee. If there is a problem with a backer or backers, he sends them with the targets.

5. The targets will be measured by three of the four Members of the Committee. A member residing in the same Region as the person who shot the targets should NOT measure the targets.

6. The Committee Member measures the targets, records the scores in his own records and on the form. He checks any backer or other problem and then sends the form back to the Chairman and forwards the targets to the next Committee Member. When the last Committee Member has measured the targets, he sends the targets and form back to the Chairman.

7. The Chairman records the scores of the Committee Members, taken the average of the scores(except the range measurements), and that score is the official measurement.

8. The Chairman records all of the information in his records, determines if it is a World Record. If it is a World Record, he sends the proper forms to the President, the Business Manager and to Editor of our magazine. He then returns the targets with the measuring information to the Competitor. If it is NOT a World Record, he returns the targets and the measuring information to the Competitor.

9. The Business Manager sends the Competitor a World Record Certificate and the Editor puts the record and all the information in the magazine.

Group Shooting Measuring Committee Chairman:
Don Creach
5498 NW Browning Dr
Kingston, MO 64650-9127