2020 Gulf Coast Region Match Schedule

Feb. 16VFS100/200SWLA Rifle & Pistol Club
Feb. 23VFS/HTR100/200Tomball Gun ClubBattle of San Jacinto-VFS & Texas State HTR
Mar 15VFS/HTR100/200SWLA Rifle & Pistol Club
Apr 19VFS 100/200SWLA Rifle & Pistol ClubLA State VFS
Apr 26VFS100/200Tomball Gun ClubTexas State VFS
May 2-3 LV & SP100/200Hill Country Shooter’s Assoc.The Bluebonnet. TX State LV &SP
May 17VFS/ HTR100/200SWLA Rifle & Pistol ClubLA State HTR
June 6-7UL & HV100/200Seymour Stool Shooters Texas State UL & Texas State HV
Jun 14VFS100/200SWLA Rifle & Pistol ClubG. C. Regionals, VFS
July 11-12 SP/UL100/200Midland Shooter’s Assn. G. C. Regionals, UL & SP
Aug. 29-30LV/HV100/200Midland Shooter’s Assn Buffalo
Sept. 12-13 LV & HV100 200Llano Estacado Shooters Cotton Boll, G. C. Regionals, LV & HV
Sept. 20 VFS/HTR100/200SWLA Rifle & Pistol ClubGC Regionals, HTR



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