May 2021 – NBRSA Member of the Month

Congratulations to Tim Singleton on being chosen as our NBRSA member of the month!

Southeast Region – Tim Singleton

How many years have you been shooting Benchrest?

6 years

What is your favorite Benchrest shooting discipline?  Long Range?    Score?   Group?

Group is my favorite, but I do enjoy Score

What is your home range or Rifle Club? 

Asheville Rifle and Pistol Club

Asheville NC

Favorite match or matches you annually attend?

Southeast regional matche as well Super Shoot, East West and Hog Roast

What makes these matches so special?

I really enjoy the SE regional championship matches. The Super Shoot is a great experience for a new shooter to see the competitors from all over the world coming together for that match is something to see

Which friends do you like go to matches with?

I met a lot of great folks since my first match.

I really enjoy my friendship with Ralph Stewart and Eddie Harris

What rifle components do you use (Scope, Stock, Action, Barrel, Trigger)?

Valdada 40x Scoville stocks Panda and Bat Actions Bartlien barrels, Buky and Harris Tuners

What’s your highest shooting accomplishment thus far?

(Small group, Aggregate or Grand win, 2-Gun, etc, win)

Finished 2nd in SE regional Championship 2 gun a couple years ago is my highest accomplishment. Shot 2 teen aggs. that weekend

I have won several yardages and a couple Grand Aggs. But I still haven’t gotten a 2gun win

Doing my own barrel work 3 or so years ago was a big accomplishment

I then began making my own bullets, been a little learning curve with the bullets

No better thing in this sport than controlling these two things yourself.

Then you can concentrate on learning how that combination behaves

Greatest benchrest memory to date?

First win a few years ago in Unaka Tenn. 200yds

Bart and I were really close, down to the last target I just barely beat him

Funniest Benchrest memory to date?

Brady Knight arguing with Scotty Grimes on the line.  Those two always kept everyone laughing

What are your current/future shooting goals?

A 2- gun win

Any advice you would share with new shooters? Find a good mentor and shoot every match you ca



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