Mentor Volunteer Program

The following volunteers will be assisting with all aspects of shooting from loaning their equipment, to hands on training in their specific disciplines. Please feel free to contact any of the following volunteer mentors for assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.

Jack Neary
Cell: (440) 590-5299
“Chippewa Rifle Club, but I will also be attending the major Group BR matches next year and will be available to work with any new shooters or current NBRSA members.”

Chris Harris
Cell: (701) 729-2929
“My home range is the Clearview Rifle Range in Wolverton, MN. I am happy to mentor any new shooters in the North Dakota and Minnesota states.”

Joe Stanovich
Cell: (714) 478-3473
“I would like to volunteer for the Southern California Region. Specifically Los Angeles , Orange and San Bernardino counties. The location would be the Angeles Shooting Range.”

Speedy Gonzalez
Shop: (210) 368-9010
Cell: (972) 672-6630
“The Dietz Range is our local BR Club here in New Braunfels, Texas”

Allen Arnette
Cell: (434) 589-5379
“I have access to a private 100 yd and 200 yd range close to my home in Scottsville, VA”

Joel Nader
Phone: 315 879-7981
“I would be willing to help anyone near the Las Vegas area at the Desert Sportsman Rifle & Pistol Club Las Vegas, NV”

Harley Baker
Cell: (610) 496-6768
“I am happy to teach new shooters that live around Weikert, Union County or The Greenhills Sportsman Club, PA”

Jackie Schmidt
Cell: (832) 689-4157
“Shooters at the Tomball Gun Club. I am usually there on Sundays but not many other days due to business commitments.”

Paul Weihe
Cell: (330) 592-3260
“My home range is Chippewa Rifle Club, Hinckley, OH.”

Don Creach
Home: (816) 586-9475
“The range used will be at my home in MO”.

Rick Pollock
Cell: (403) 554-6772
“The range is the Rosebud Silhouette & Benchrest Club, we are close to Calgary, Alberta, Canada
You can list the Province of Alberta as the location for Mentorship, but we can also cover pretty much all of Western Canada”.

Wayne Campbell
Cell: (434) 665-2066
“I’m always willing to work with shooters on practice days prior to matches starting. I also offer private classes (daily rates apply) at my home range in Virginia”.

William Mcintyre
“My local club is Delaware County Field and Stream Association located in Brookhaven, PA which is a western suburb of Philly”.

Jim Cline
“Jim is willing to work with new and experienced Score shooters in the Western South Carolina region”.

Durward Wofford
“Durward is able to meet at Llano Estacada shooting range, Lubbock, Tx”.

Mike Conry 
Phone: 432-528-8718
“Midland Shooters Association, Midland, TX is my home range”.

Steve Lee
Cell: (205) 317-6510
“I have a private practice range with heated and cooled loading building near Oneonta AL. I’m also a life member of Brock’s Gap Training Center in Hoover. I’ll be glad to invite any shooter, new or otherwise to my practice range. If you are curious about benchrest give me a call or send a text and I’ll be happy to show you what short range benchrest is about.”

Dennis Boyet
Phone: (314) 398-3578
“His home range is St. Louis Benchrest Club in Wright City, MO.”

Mark Buettgen
Work Phone: 262-677-1717 ext 4.
West Bend Barton Sportsman’s Club  3540 Trapshoot Ln, Kewaskum, WI 53040.
or at any matches/ranges I attend, Holton, St. Louis or anywhere else.” 

Bryan Zolnikov
“My home range is the Tacoma Rifle and Revolver Club”

Terry Balding
Phone: 608-577-5193 
“I shoot 600, 1,000 and 100/200 score. I would be willing to mentor people in Wisconsin. My home ranges are Columbus Sportsman’s Association, Columbus WI, and Winnequah Gun Club, Lodi WI. “

Richard Brensing
Home Phone: 620-548-2279 or shop 620-548-2272
“My range is Charlene’s Meadow located in Mullinsville, KS”

Cecil Peterson
Cell: 563-343-5034-“leave message if I don’t answer”
“Oak Hill Gun Club and I have my own private range”

Paul Mitchell
Cell number: 518-572-1988
“I will use my home range a few miles from my house. The range is located in Gale NY.”

Mark DuMont
Cell (604) 617-3315
“The range is the Mission and District Rod and Gun Club, which is just outside Vancouver, BC.  See

Steve Turner
I will help any new and or current shooters in the Southern Indiana area.

Lester Bruno
Phone: 800 455-0350
Ben Avery Benchrest Range, Phoenix, AZ