Mid-Continent 2019 Region Match Schedule

April 13-14 VFS100/200/300Mill Creek Rifle Club
April 27-28SP/UL10/HV100/200Ouachita Sportsmen’s Assoc.
May 4-5 HV/SP 100/200Mill Creek Rifle Club   SP Mid Continent Regionals 
May 4-5 HTR/VFS100/200Northern CO Benchrest Shooters
May 11-12 SP/LV100/200Okie Shooters Rifle Range 1st & 2nd Leg Mid-Continent/OK State
May 18-19 LV/HV100-200Landsend Benchrest Shooters HV – 1st Leg of the 4-Gun
May 25-26 LV/HV100-200Whittington CenterBest of the West
June 1-2 HTR/VFS 100/200  Mill Creek Rifle Club  2 Gun 
June 8-9 SP/HV100/200Northern CO Benchrest Shooters SP – 1st Leg of Northern CO 4-Gun
June 15-16  UL/SP100-200Whittington Center1st Half of NM State Championship
June 29-30  HV/UL10-Bag5100/200Okie Shooters Rifle Range 3rd & 4th Leg Mid-Continent/OK State
July 6-7 UL5/LV  100/200 Mill Creek Rifle Club  HV Mid Continent Regional 
July 13-14  UL10/UL5100/200Northern CO Benchrest Shooters UL10 -4th Leg of Northern CO 4-Gun
July 20-21  UL10/SP100-200Landsend Benchrest Shooters UL – 4th and SP-2nd Leg of the 4-Gun
Aug 3-4LV/HV100/200Ouachita Sportsmen’s Assoc.
Aug 6-9 HTR/VFS100/200Northern CO Benchrest Shooters NBRSA Hunter & VFS National Championship
Aug 17-18 LV/HV100-200Whittington CenterRattlesnake & 2nd Half of NM State Champ.
Aug 31-Sept 1  LV/HV 100/200 Mill Creek Rifle Club  Kansas State Championship 
Sept 7-8  LV/HV100/200Northern CO Benchrest Shooters 32nd Annual Firewalker
Sept 21-22LV/HV100-200Landsend Benchrest Shooters LV – 3rd Leg of the 4-Gun and HV-Purple Haze
Sept 21-22  HTR/VFS 100/200 Mill Creek Rifle Club   2 Gun



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