Regional Mentorship Program

Dear shooters, new and old to the Benchrest community, this page will be a one stop place for all the information to learn more about the sport, make friends and get some mentorship advice from more experienced shooters. Check back regularly as we will be putting up new updates, tips, and volunteer information that will help you get the most out of the sport.

In an effort to continue the growth our NBRSA membership and help develop the skill-sets of our current members, our NBRSA leadership team is launching a “Regional Mentorship” program.

Our NBRSA Regional Directors and Officers realize it is very difficult for a new shooter to enter our beloved sport, due to the a lack of proper available training or mentorship, necessary to grasp and learn all the many facets of the skills needed for a new shooter to find a level of success they may continue to build on.

We also all recognize there are several excellent Benchrest books from shooting greats, Tony Boyer, Mike Ratigan and Glenn Newick. However, we all agree, nothing can replace some very good “hands-on” basic benchrest skills training!

Additionally, we also recognize, this lack of available teaching or mentorship that is greatly needed to help our current members, whom maybe struggling in their own right with their equipment or with their current, limited skill-sets, necessary for them to achieve a level of success to properly motivate them to keep shooting and not quit!

Much like golf, the better you play, the more you will enjoy the sport. We believe Benchrest shooting, whether it’s Long Range, Score or Group shooting, is much the same way. If you’re not playing golf (or shooting) well because of a lack of skill you’ll become very frustrated and may look for another sport…