Northwest Region

Dan Zaccanti, Regional Director 509 733-1003 or email:

Larry Boers, Alternate Director 360-957-2185 or email:

2019 Northwest Match Schedule

2019 Northwest Match Schedule ROSEBUD SILHOUETTE & BENCHREST CLUB Calgary, Alberta Canada CONTACT: Rick Pollock 1-403-554-6772 or Start Time////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////May 25 & 26Unl. 5 & 10 (shot) 100 & 200 YdHeavy Iron ShootJune 8 & 9LV & HV 100 & 200 YdRosebud Super ShootSept. 7 & 8LV & HV 100 & 200 YdAlberta…

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Nomination Time Is Here Again!

Members of the Following Regions: Gulf Coast Mid-Continent Northwest North Central Now is your time to exercise one of our most precious American traditions…your right to vote.  For those members who are not US Citizens but still full members, you too can participate!  It begins with thoughtful nominations and culminates with strong representation for your…

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Future Nationals Events

2018 Group NationalsHolton Gun Club, Holton MISept 10-15 20182018 Long Range NationalsRogue Valley Shooting Sport Assoc, White City ORApr 16-22 20182018 Short Range Score NationalsBoone Valley Ikes., Webster City IAAug 7-10 20182018 Long Range Score NationalsWalker County Benchrest, Huntsville TXSept 1-2 20182018 Long Range Varmint NationalsWalker County Benchrest, Huntsville TXOct 6-7 2018 2019 Group NationalsBen…

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