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Matt Walker

Congratulations goes to Matt Walker and the Middle Georgia Gun Owners’ Association /Twin Oaks on being chosen as our NBRSA Match Director and Range of the month!

What Range(s) do you host as a Match Director?  

Middle Georgia Gun Owners Association – Twin Oaks Range in Dublin GA

where I am club president.

How many years have you been a NBRSA Match Director?

About 11 years.

Which Benchrest shooting discipline matches do you host at your range?  Long Range?    Score?   Group?

Group at 100 and 200 yards.

Favorite NBRSA registered match you host each year?

The Shamrock Shoot means a lot to us in Dublin since we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day for a month and a half.

What makes this match so special?

This year was the 20th Shamrock Shoot. The fact that we could hold a match in this year of Covid and have been doing this for 20 years straight.

Do you personally shoot any Benchrest matches?  If so, which matches?

I am not a Benchrest shooter. I love to help the gun community by providing the best Benchrest matches I can.

I believe that keeping the shooting sports active is one of the best: but, often overlooked ways to keep our gun rights.


Post Author: NBRSA Admin