Range of the Month for April, 2022

Congratulations to OAK HILL GUN CLUB on being selected as our range of the month!

Blue Grass, Iowa

  1. Please tell us some key facts about your Range or Rifle Club: The rifle range has ten covered shooting benches and sturdy benches behind them for reloading. We shoot 100 and 200 yards and are in a valley surrounded by trees. We have a berm at 100 yards we shoot over which adds to the fun when reading the wind at the 200 yards matches.
  2. Can you please us where your range or rifle club is located? The Oak Hill Gun Club, Inc. is a private shooting club located at 12364 Coon Hunter Road, Blue Grass, Iowa 52726. All members are required to be NRA members. The club has a pistol range, trap range and rifle range.
  3. How many members belong to your Range or Rifle Club?
    It averages about 650
  4. How many years have you been NBRSA Registered Range? Since 2003
  5. Which Benchrest shooting discipline NBRSA registered matches do you host at your range? We hold registered NBRSA centerfire group matches and ARA 22 benchrest matches.
  6. How many NBRSA registered matches does your range host each year?
    We hold 5 NBRSA registered matches each year.

7. Do you have any special annual matches you host each year?

In July and September we hold HV an UNL matches at the same time. There are very few UNL matches in our part of the country.

8. What can the NBRSA do to help support your
future matches?
Please understand that one person cannot put on a match by themselves. It takes other people to come forward and help. Jerry King helps me with the targets, running the match and securing the target crew and scorer for every match. Cecil Peterson volunteered to over see some of the paperwork of the matches. These are some of the unsung heroes that make these matches possible.



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