The Board of Directors voted to try the “new class” of shooting for a one year trial period.  We need to do something to draw attention to it. Make sure it’s attention Match Directors and members.  

“Clay Pigeon” Matches may be shot as registered matches with the NBRSA for a one year trial basis in 2019.  Since the purpose of these matches being registered with the NBRSA is to expose shooters to precision shooting and familiarize them with the NBRSA, the rules of type of firearm used will be pretty loose and will be firmed up with target sizes and the breakable targets used as the year progresses.

Clay Pigeon Match Rules  (Latest version as of 1/1/2019)

All NBRSA safety rules and match procedures apply to the clay pigeon matches and will be shot from a shooting bench.

There will be a ten minute warm up target to allow scope adjustment that will not count towards the score aggregate winner for the days shooting. A regular score or group target should be used for the sight in period at the host ranges discretion to help the shooters sight in their rifles and help on cost of targets for the host club. For this match, there is no limit for the round count of ammunition that may be on the bench.  For the subsequent four sets of breakable targets there is a seven minute time limit and the competitor is allowed only 10 rounds of ammunition on the bench to shoot the 10 breakable targets on his particular target.  There is no penalty for a crossfire except that you are helping your neighbor clear his target and it costs you shots on your target.

The target may be shot at 200, 250 or 400 yards or other distances dependent upon the hosting ranges capabilities. The score target will consist of 8 larger breakable targets and 2 small breakable targets affixed to each person’s target. A ¾” diameter round tablet such as a Tums, Sweetart or other low cost breakable target and a 3/8” diameter Tylenol or aspirin is suggested for the small target on a black background for 200 yards.  For the 250 yard target shot on a black background, the 2” diameter flat Daisy Shatter Blast clay pigeon works well for the larger target along again with the 3/8” diameter aspirin.  For 400 yards, it is the same target as for 250 yards but may be shot on a white or light colored background at the option of the host club.

Scoring will be counted as 25 points for the large targets and 50 points for the small targets on each target.  300 points maximum per target.  If the bullet marks the edge of the breakable target and doesn’t break it, it is considered a hit and scored as such.  It is suggested that the clay pigeons and aspirins be affixed to a removable target that is removed from the target frame and that it be brought back to the stat house to be scored and then posted on the wailing wall for the competitors to be able to view their targets and check their hits.

The type of firearm to be used is basically shoot what you bring with the following exceptions:

No rail guns allowed.

No brakes allowed that have ports angled toward the shooter. Side port brakes are allowed.

No calibers larger than .30 caliber.

No weight limit.

If a rifle with a detachable magazine is used, the magazine must be inserted in the rifle only upon the commence fire command and must be removed at or before the cease fire command.  Only 10 rounds of ammunition are allowed in the magazine.

The rifles may be shot off of front rests or bipods and rear sandbags.  No mechanical rear rests allowed.

Wind flags are allowed and may not be adjusted after the beginning of the first match.  

Legally owned suppressors are allowed to be used.

The match may be held in conjunction with a registered LV, SP or HV group or VFS score match for a two day weekend match if so desired.    

Any questions or suggestions, please contact Dickie Pustejovsky at  (936) 662-6644.