Submitting a Match Report for Precision Rifleman

Submitting a Match Report for Precision Rifleman

On behalf of the NBRSA Leadership Team, I want to personally thank you all for the work you do to schedule, plan, and organize NBRSA registered matches. To further recognize you and our competitors, I invite you to submit a match report to be printed in the NBRSA’s Precision Rifleman magazine. Below are a few pointers to make this process easy! No matter what format your match report comes to me, I must work with it to place it in a format suitable for the magazine. Each match report should include a short write-up, scores/results, equipment list, and pictures.


The actual match report, which details the number of competitors, wind conditions, target by target competition, etc. can be sent to me either as a Word document (file) or within an email as text. Any form of text will work if it’s not scanned into a picture or PDF. I typically will not rewrite it, so make sure you proof read it and have all the names spelled correctly and the scores/ aggs correct. Do not add any formatting to your write-up, because I’ll have to change it to fit it in the magazine.


The best way to provide scores and results is in Excel. For group matches, the use of the Bughole program makes everything easier for all of us. The program has a feature that allows for exporting and importing of shoot data, and we can use that to standardize our reporting. The easiest way for you to share the results is to attach the Bughole Match file to an email and send it to me. I can then export what is needed (aggs, grands, etc.), to accompany your Match Report. If you so choose, you can export what you want and attach the files to your email. The best file format for an Equipment List is Excel (which allows me to import it into the magazine). Therefore, equipment reports will still need to be created as a separate document. As a matter of fact, the equipment list has been hidden in the latest version of Bughole. Some of you already know how to export and import shoot data and have been using this feature to move data between computers. For anyone who doesn’t know how to do this, Steve Lee has attached a PDF document on website (under Resources) with instructions on how to do it. After reading the document, if you have any questions you can email him at or call him at 205-3176510 . Just a reminder, check to see if you have the latest version of Bughole. For score matches, results should be submitted as MS Word, Excel or text files.


Pictures add a new dimension to the magazine. Full-size, high quality print the best (in terms of megabytes, the larger the better). Whether you’re using your cell phone or an actual camera, make sure you submit pictures in the highest quality (megabytes and size) in your email to me. Pictures should be in JPG/JPEG format or another high-end photographic quality file type (Ex. TIFF). If the files are too large to send via email, WeTransfer is an easy way to send them that is free to use. Photos of competitors, ranges, etc. are welcome. Please include captions and names of the individuals in the pictures.

Point 4: SEND REPORT TO: Please send your match reports to the Editor.

Email To:

Bottom line, we are requesting that all match send match results in an Excel document, equipment lists in an Excel document, write-ups in a Word document or as text in an email, and high-resolution, full-size photos. I can then import the files and convert them to a format that I can use to place them in the magazine.

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