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The deadline has passed for nominations for the upcoming Board of Directors/Alternate Director election.  Here is the slate of nominations to be on the ballots for their region:

1) Gulf Coast Region – Director – Mike Conry 
Alternate Director – Kelly Morman

2) Mid-Continent Region – Director – Don Creach
Director – Sam Langhofer
Alternate Director – Jim Shipley

3) North Central Region – Director – Chris Harris
Director – Dave Brooks
Alternate Director – Mike Bigelow

4) Northwest Region –  Director – Dan Zaccanti
Alternate Director – Tom Peyton

Each region will have a place for write-ins for both Director and Alternate Directors. Ballots will be mailed to all members in each of the above regions by June 1. Ballots will need to be received in the Business Office on or before July 1, 2021. Results will be posted no later than July 15, 2021.

Good luck to each of you!

Post Author: NBRSA Admin