Updated schedule for the Northwest Region as of 5/23/2020

Whittecar Rifle Club Score Matches

June 6 VFS 200-300 yd MT State Long Range

June 7 HBR 200-300 yd MT State Long Range

July 5 HBR 100-200 yd

Tacoma Rifle and Revolver Club Group Matches

June 6 Light Varmint 100-200 yd The Allen Bench Trophy

June 7 Heavy Varmint 200-100 yd The Allen Bench Trophy

The balance of the years Matches to be determined

Tri-City Metallic Silhouette Score Matches 

June 27 HBR 100-200 yd

July 25 VFS 100-200 yd

August 22 HBR 100-200 yd

September 26 VFS 100-200 yd WA State Championship

Lewis-Clark Wildlife Club Score Matches

June 28 VFS 100-200 yd Idaho State

July 26 HBR 100-200 yd Idaho State

North Cascade Sportsman Club Score Matches

June 13 HBR 100-200 yd Bob Miller Memorial

June 14 HBR 300 yd Bob Miller Memorial

July 11 VFS 100-200 yd North Cascade Champion Ship

July 12 VFS 300 yd North Cascade Champion Ship

September 12  HBR 100-200 yd State Champion Ship

Yellowstone Rifle Club Score and Group Matches

June 20 HBR 200-300 yd Mac Clark Memorial

June 21 VFS 200-300 yd Mac Clark Memorial

July 25 Light Varmint & Heavy Varmint 100 yd MT State Championship

July 26 Light Varmint & Heavy Varmint 200 yd MT State Championship

August 22 Heavy Varmint 5 shot & Unlimited 10 shot 100-200 yd

August 23 Sporter Rifle 100-200 yd

Please check with the range before you travel there to make sure its still on.



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