Greetings Everyone!

In an effort to address the needs of our valued Match Directors and our membership, pertaining to the NBRSA’s three recognized shooting disciplines: Long Range, Score and Group, as they continue to evolve. As such, our NBRSA Board of Directors have approved the following (12) rule changes for implementation (on a one-year trial basis, prior to final approval, as per our By-Laws) effective January 1st of this year. They are as follows:

1) Our NBRSA Board of Director’s approved during the 2021 Annual Board meeting to allow range Match Directors to charge an additional “target fee,” in addition to the entry fee, effective January 1, 2022. This approval was to help support our registered ranges/matches that have suffered due to weak attendance.

2) The board of directors approved a motion that would allow members up to 60 minutes to speak at the annual board of directors meeting, but they must submit their written agenda item at least 72 hours to their director or the President, prior to the annual meeting.

3) The Board approved a motion to create 3 new committees: Long Range, Score and Group. These committees will consist of 5 members including the committee Chairman.

4) A motion was approved by the Board, that we make the proposed change: 2.11.1 The front sandbag. The front sandbag shall be a bag or combination of bags, containing sand only, and at least 1/2” thick at any point where it contacts the rifle stock. Tape on the sandbag is legal.
The 3-piece front rest bag was also approved.

5) The board approved allowing the host club to appoint an official to weigh rifles at any match.

6). The board finalized changing the Screamer patch program from a patch to a sticker. The will be provided by the ranges and there is no limit on the number you can receive.

7) The Board approved changing the bylaw under Article III. 1. Powers of board and Qualifications of Directors. In order to be eligible to run for the Directors position, a director shall be at least eighteen years of age and shall have been a member for at least (3) consecutive years immediately prior to running for director. Any member will be given up to 30 days to renew from a membership lapse and still be eligible for Director/Alternate election. They must also be a resident of the NBRSA region, which he or she is elected to represent.

8) The Board approved to make the use of stationary-backers optional, specifically for NBRSA registered World Team Qualifying Group Regional Matches, including the Cactus Classic, Shamrock, Hog Roast, East-West and the Rattlesnake matches. The NBRSA Group Nationals will continue to require the use of stationary-backers for all classes.

9) The Board approved a “one year” trial of the following change in the course-of-fire format for the Long Range Discipline:

Revised Portions of Rulebook
***Note – suggested rule changes impact the following parts of the current rule book – they are bolded and underlined – previous rules are retained in [ ] for clarification
1.2.27. Relay: Competitors on the firing line or in the pits pulling targets or on standby. A relay consists of Light Gun or [and] Heavy Gun sighter and record targets.
1.5. Tournament Procedure
Note: Rules 1.5.16 and 1.5.17 still apply to the revised course of fire outlined below.
1.5.19. Course of fire: For one day and two day tournaments:

Relay 1 shoots LG Relay
Relay 2 shoots LG Relay
Relay 2 shoots HG Relay
Relay 1 shoots HG Relay Course of fire for a 3 day tournament:

Relay 1 shoots LG Relay
Relay 2 shoots LG Relay
Relay 3 shoots LG Relay
Relay 3 shoots HG Relay
Relay 2 shoots HG Relay
Relay 1 shoots HG Relay The competitor shoots from the same bench all relays, all days.

(1.5.19) Course of fire is light Gun first, then Heavy Gun except in an all light gun or heavy gun Tournament. This is the same for all days of a tournament, all relays. The Competitor shoots from the same bench all relays, all days.)

9) The Board approved simplifying the process for the selection of candidates to fulfill the position of the President:

Approved By-law revision to identify NBRSA President/VP for election candidacy:
2.2 At the annual meeting in the year prior to a presidential election, the President will name a committee of two Directors to construct a list of eligible NBRSA members. The committee will contact each eligible member and determine his/her interest in seeking office. Each interested member will be requested to provide a brief bio paragraph with goals he/she would like to accomplish as President.
All bios with a small picture will be published in the June issue of Precision Rifleman. Following discussions with their regional memberships. The Board of Directors will nominate and elect eligible members for President and Vice President.
11) Due to the lack of attendance at the Long Range Nationals, and the suggestion from the host range and others, the Board approved a motion to suspend the coins for the Long Range Nationals.

12) The board approved the payment of $600.00 a month to CH Trade, Inc. for ongoing monthly maintenance to the NBRSA website, retroactive to October of 2021.

Please feel free to call or email me or your Regional Director with any questions.

Thank you for your continued support of the NBRSA!

Jack Neary

NBRSA, President

Cell: 440-590-5299