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Wayne Campbell wins Rachel's Glen Spring 2011!

Back Row (left to right) Ray Porter, Don Geraci, Gary Morgan, Jerry Dailey, Doug Mcrae, Billy Stevens, Bart Sauter, Scotty Grimes
Front Row (left to right) Steve Lee, Wayne Campbell

Terry Leonard wins Shamrock X!

Front Row (left to right) Steve Lee, Terry Leonard

Back Row (left to right) Kip Jones, Bill Symons, Tony Alexander, Larry Costa, William Duffey, Matthew Keller, Scotty Grimes

Seventy seven shooters enjoyed the hospitality at Shamrock Shoot X hosted by the Middle Georgia Gun Owner’s Association in Dublin, Georgia. The weather at Twin Oaks Range was calm and overcast. We were without the usual rain and hurricane force winds that challenged us in past years.

2010 Southeast Region Top 20 Standings

Here are the 2010 Southeast Region Top 20 standings as of Rachel's Glen Fall Shoot.

Only one shoot to go at River Bend November 13-14. 

Points are awarded as follows:

Only SE Region shooters are eligible for the SE Region Top 20

A shooter receives one point for each person he/she beats in an agg. All shooters (regardless of region) are counted when awarding points to a SE Region shooter.

Shooters who shoot any portion of an agg are counted even if they leave early.

Shooters who are disqualified for an agg are not counted.

Billy Stevens wins Rachel's Glen Spring 2010

Left to right back row, Steve Lee and Ralph, Jeff Graves, Scott Mims, Dale Rose, Glenn Nelson
Left to right front row, David Reynolds and Max, Billy Stevens, Bart Sauter

Nobody could complain about bad weather at our spring match at Rachel’s Glen.  There was, however, some mutterings heard about the mirage.  Whine, whine, whine!  Obviously some of the shooters have forgotten the Saturday when we had several inches of rain.  Anyway, we had a great match and it seemed that everybody had a great time.

Billy Stevens wins Shamrock IX Two Gun

Left to right, Jeff Graves - Two Gun 4th place, Harley Baker - Two gun 2nd place, Billy Stevens - Two Gun winner, Mark Trexler - MGGOA President

 Two-Gun Champion is Billy Stevens

Winds of Manatee 2010

Results for Winds of Manatee 2010 held February 13 and 14 are attached.

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