NBRSA Screamer Sticker

The screamer sticker is awarded to members for exceptional groups shot in competition. Your group must be fired in a registered NBRSA match with a moving backer. The backer requirement is removed for 600 & 1000 yard matches only. There is not a limit as to how many stickers a competitor can earn. The screamer sticker criteria is as follows: 

Long Range Group Benchrest:
600-Yards: 5-shot 0.99” – 10-shot 1.99”
1000-Yards: 5-shot 2.99″ – 10-shot 4.99″

Long Range Score:

600 -yards: 5 shot – 148 -5x – 10 shot – 293 -8x
1000-yards: 5 shot – 144-4x – 10 shot – 294-4x

Short Range Score: 5 targets:


100-yards: 250-14x
200-yards: 247-7x
300-yards: 244-4x


100-yards: 250-20x
200-yards. 250-11x
300yards: 248-6x

Short Range Group:
100-Yards: 5-shot group 0.099” – 10-shot group 0.199”
200-Yards: 5-shot group 0.250” – 10-shot group 0.449”  
300-Yards: 5-shot group 0.450” – 10-shot group 0.699″

If you believe that you have earned an NBRSA Official Screamer Sticker by meeting the conditions above, please see the individual match director to receive your sticker. There are no limits on how many you can receive.