NBRSA Screamer Patch

The screamer patch is awarded to members for exceptional groups shot in competition. Your group must be fired in a registered NBRSA match with a moving backer. The backer requirement is removed for 600 & 1000 yard matches only. There is a limit of two (2) patches per year for any member. The screamer criteria is as follows: 

Long Range Benchrest:
600-Yards: 5-shot 0.99” – 10-shot 1.99”
1000-Yards: 5-shot 2.99″ – 10-shot 4.99″

Short Range Group:
100-Yards: 5-shot group 0.099” – 10-shot group 0.199”
200-Yards: 5-shot group 0.250” – 10-shot group 0.449”  
300-Yards: 5-shot group 0.450” – 10-shot group 0.699″

If you believe that you have earned an NBRSA Official Screamer Patch by meeting the conditions above, please include the following information with your request (mail-in or e-mail only please). 

Shooter Name 
Street Address, City, State, Zip Code
Date & Range, Class, Yardage & Group Size 

You can mail your request with this information to:
PO Box 349 Concord, VA 24538 
or e-mail to nbrsa@icloud.com