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National Benchrest Shooters Association



    • Congratulations to the following directors on your re-election to the Board of Directors in the Gulf Coast, Mid-Continent, & Northwest Regions. We welcome Dave Brooks as the new Director of the North Central Region. Congratulations to Dickie Pustejovsky for your re-election as Alternate Director of the Gulf Coast Region. We welcome Sam Langhofer as the […]

  • UPCOMING 2019 GROUP NATIONALS -October 7-12

    • The Registration form for the 2019 Group Nationals to be held in Phoenix, AZ has now been uploaded to the website. You can find it under Information, forms then Group Nationals. It is also under Disciplines, Short Range Group then Event Registration.


    • Election time is HERE! Members of the following regions: Gulf Coast, Mid-Continent, North Central, Northwest. Now is your time to exercise one of our most precious American traditions…your right to vote. For those members who are not US citizens but are still full members, you too can participate. Nominations are now finalized for your Directors/Alternate […]

  • Cactus Classic Results 2019

    • Cactus Classic 2019 2-Gun Grand Agg Equipment List Heavy Varmint Grand Agg Heavy Varmint 5 Shot 100 Yards Heavy Varmint 5 Shot 200 Yards Light Varmint Grand Agg Light Varmint 5 Shot 100 Yards Light Varmint 5 Shot 200 Yards Short interview with Ed Adams 2019 Cactus Classic

  • 2019 Match Schedule for All Regions

    • Download the 2019 Match Schedule for all regions Match Schedule by Region