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National Benchrest Shooters Association


  • 2019 Election of Officers

    • Congratulations to the following directors on your re-election to the Board of Directors in the Gulf Coast, Mid-Continent, & Northwest Regions. We welcome Dave Brooks as the new Director of the North Central Region. Congratulations to Dickie Pustejovsky for your re-election as Alternate Director of the Gulf Coast Region. We welcome Sam Langhofer as the […]

  • Cactus Classic Results 2019

    • Cactus Classic 2019 2-Gun Grand Agg Equipment List Heavy Varmint Grand Agg Heavy Varmint 5 Shot 100 Yards Heavy Varmint 5 Shot 200 Yards Light Varmint Grand Agg Light Varmint 5 Shot 100 Yards Light Varmint 5 Shot 200 Yards Short interview with Ed Adams 2019 Cactus Classic

  • 2019 Match Schedule for All Regions

    • Match Schedule by Region Download the 2019 Match Schedule for all regions


    • On behalf of the NBRSA Leadership Team, I want to personally thank you all for the work you do to schedule, plan, and organize NBRSA registered matches .  I’ve done it myself, and I know what it takes.  It’s a lot of work to pull together all the necessary activities to provide us an opportunity […]