Frequently Asked Questions

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“Precision Rifleman” magazine, in conjunction with the NBRSA, awards the “Official Screamer Patches” for exceptional groups shot in competition.  Your group must be fired in a registered NBRSA match, with a moving backer; the backer requirement is removed only for 600-Yard & 1,000-yard matches. There is a limit of two patches per year for any one shooter. The application does not have to be on any particular form but does need to include the following information:
Name ________________________________________________________
Street Address_________________________________________________
Town, State, Zip _______________________________________________
Date & Range _________________________________________________
Class & Yardage_______________________________________________
Size of Group__________________________________________________
You can email or mail your application to:          
Precision Rifleman
PO Box 6770
Sheridan, WY 82801
307 655-7415

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