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It is with regret that the Shamrock Shoot in Dublin Georgia scheduled for April 4-5, 2020 will be postponed to June 13-14.

Two factors have led to this decision: excessive rain and COVID-19.

It was difficult to filter out the panic and nonsense with reality. By the way, we have plenty of toilet paper. I want everyone to have a fun and enjoyable shoot. I don’t think April 4-5 will be able to offer that experience.

In the last three months, our area of Georgia has seen record rain that is expected to continue through March.

1) This has already caused problems with our septic tank. 2) The ground, everywhere, is very boggy, and we will have to close 1/3 of the camping sites or you will need a tow truck to help you leave. 3) The repairs we do to the driveway, entering the range, get washed-out about every week.

No one knows what the situation will be like in a month. Having shooters from around the country is not doing “social distancing.” Also, the CDC has stated that groups over 50 people should not meet. And that older people should avoid travel.

Going off what Italy is experiencing, and the precautions States are taking, the next three weeks is important. Limiting opportunities to spread the disease at a rate that causes the number of cases to exceed hospital capacity is vital.

Georgia ranks 7th in confirmed cases. Saturday (3/14) had 66, Sunday had 99 and Monday has 121 confirmed cases. Georgia is only testing the at risk and already sick. While cases are mostly in the Atlanta area. Dublin is closely connected to the I-75 and I-16 corridors. This means Middle Georgia is ripe to be the next area hit.

The number of confirmed cases in the US has increase 54-fold in the last 15 days. 

Matt Walker, President
Middle Georgia Gun Owners Association

Post Author: Rael Harris