April 2022 – Match Director of the Month – Jim Schmidt

Congratulations to Jim Schmidt for being selected as Match Director of the Month for April, 2022.

He’s the match director for the Oak Hill Gun Club | Blue Grass, Iowa

  1. Please tell us about your family: 
  2. Can you please share where you live? Davenport, Iowa
  3. What Range(s) do you host as a Match Director? Oak Hill Gun Club
  4. How many years have you been a NBRSA Match Director? About a dozen years
  5. Which Benchrest shooting discipline matches do you host at your range? Group
  6. Favorite NBRSA registered match you host each year?

8. Do you personally shoot any Benchrest matches? If so, which matches?

Every match at Oak Hill Gun Club, Iowa State Match and everyone I can make at St. Louis BRC

9. What rifle components do you use (Scope, Stock, Action, Barrel, Trigger)?

Nightforce scopes, Scoville stock, BAT actions, Bartlein barrels and Bix & Andy triggers

10. Funniest Benchrest match memory to date?

Losing the Grand agg by .0001 at Oak Hill match

Jim Schmidt

Match Director of the Month

East West at the St. Louis Benchrest Club

7. What makes this match so special?

Great Facilities and a steak dinner at the range.

11. How can the NBRSA assist you in making your matches more successful?

By providing a list of all NBRSA shooters and their membership expiration date in our region because we only have a one day shoot and there is a lot of work to do on match day before the 9 AM start time.



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