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Nomination Time Is Here Again!

Members of the Following Regions:

Gulf Coast



North Central

Now is your time to exercise one of our most precious American traditions…your right to vote.  For those members who are not US Citizens but still full members, you too can participate!  It begins with thoughtful nominations and culminates with strong representation for your region.  
Won’t you join us in this time-honored institution?  

Please send me your nominations for Regional Director and Assistant Director by Friday, March 1, 2019. You can email me at or mail to 

NBRSA Business Manager, PO Box 349, Concord, VA 24538

Qualifications to Serve as a Regional Director are as Follows:

  1. At least 18 years of age
  2. Member of NBRSA for at least three (3) consecutive years
  3. Resident of the region to which they are nominated  

Persons Who Can Nominate a Regional Director:

  1. Past NBRSA Regional Directors residing in the region
  2. NBRSA Members submitting petitions containing the signatures of 10 or more members within that region
  3. Affiliated Clubs within the region

Thank you for supporting NBRSA

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